Message from the Principal – June 12, 2019

With the last Bulletin note of the academic year, I want to publicly thank many people. First to outgoing PTO co-president Kate Criniti for her PTO leadership and encouraging cheerleading of our entire community!  Thanks to Bulletin editor Audra Myerberg and her team for the weekly organization and editing of this newsletter. Thanks to our many event chairs and grade level leaders. Our school is filled with parent organized and run festivities all year long.  The Science Fair, Talent Show, Field Day, Family Picnic and BBQ, Book Fair, Arts Night, Multicultural PotLuck and Cultural celebration, Teacher Appreciation events, Halloween Party and many Fifth Grade events, Site Council, Family Math Nights: all make this community one of enthusiastic learners of all ages!

This is also the time of year when we thank and celebrate many Hastings staff members who will not be at school in the fall.  Four retirees: Music Specialist Alana Jacques, School Nurse Nancy Salitsky, Special Educator Deb Krasnow and Assistant Principal Anne Knight all leave us with hearts filled with gratitude for their care of our school community.  There are many others leaving Hastings to teach in other schools, take leadership roles, move out of state, or change careers. They include Karen Grabowski, Julie Scafidi, Kelly Cracchiolo, Kelly Pitt, Grace Baker Whitcomb, Julie Zide, Christina Sakelarakis, Jennifer Klinefelter, Gabrielle Correnti, and Edward Tsui.  Each of these staff members have left a lasting impact on our children, fellow educators and families. We will miss them all and wish them well as they launch new chapters in their lives.

Hastings will have many new faces on the staff when we open in August, and we look forward to welcoming our colleagues, along with new families to our school community.  Next year will be an exciting year in our building and Hastings community. Enjoy the beauty of the summer months in New England or wherever you travel!

Louise Lipsitz