Message from the Principal – December 4, 2019

Next Tuesday, December 10th, Superintendent Hackett is scheduled to attend the Hastings PTO meeting.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with Dr. Hackett and get to know her in a smaller group setting.  

Since arriving in Lexington in July 2018, Dr. Hackett has had a “full plate” of initiatives and issues to address.  Not only did she not shy away from difficult issues, she listened to stakeholders from many perspectives, developed response plans and is moving the school system forward with a positive and inclusive approach.  She launched her leadership of the Lexington Public Schools with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion paper to address long term concerns regarding disparities in discipline and special education between white and African American/black students.  With the entire community she conducted a Strategic Planning process with new vision, mission and core values outcomes that the community can embrace. She moved a master planning process forward in an effort to view the needs of the entire school system over the coming decade.  She took on the challenge of enrollment issues facing the elementary and middle schools, culminating in a plan to redistrict in the upcoming academic year. She reviewed the advantages of changing school start times and guided the decision-making in order to provide improved school start times across the district starting in 2020-2021.

As a school leader, I feel fortunate to work with a caring leader and a team of administrators who want to face difficult problems and develop thoughtful solutions that place students in the center.  I hope you are able to attend the meeting next week to hear from the Superintendent first hand. Louise Lipsitz

Redistricting Update:  Last night the School Committee voted to approve Plan C, moving the fewest number of students town-wide and not moving any current Hastings children.  This plan makes use of “flexible assignment” and includes rental properties or high density locations where neighbors may attend 2 different schools. Moving on to implementation, Superintendent Hackett also announced the appointment of Ms. Anna Monaco, former Principal of Clarke Middle School, to lead Lexington’s redistricting implementation efforts. Specifically, she will work with students, families, and staff to ensure a smooth and positive transition for all involved. There will be a District Transition Team, comprised of an administrator from each K-8 school in the system.

Louise Lipsitz