Science Fair Display and Presentation Information

Science Fair Final Project submission information

All student scientists who successfully registered their projects by the January 27th deadline should submit their final projects at the following link by February 4th.

Click this link to submit your final project slideshow: 2022 Hastings Science Fair Final Project Upload Form

The upload form includes detailed instructions on how to share Google slides for presentation at the Virtual Hastings Science Fair event that will be held in Gather from 6:00pm-8:00pm on February 11th (see screenshot below for an example of a virtual poster display). Even if you are unable to join the Gather event on the 11th, we will still include your project slides and your name in the event program. If you have any questions or need technical assistance, please email

You do not want to miss this fun, interactive event, which will allow student scientists to create their own virtual character, present their experiments, and visit the presentations of their fellow Hastings Hero Scientists!

General Hastings Science Fair project writeup information:

For the virtual Science Fair in 2022, students are required to create a Google slideshow (strongly preferred format, max. 8 slides) or a physical display board where they share a written or typed summary of their project and answer the 4 Big Questions (see Posterboard display and Slideshow guidelines below for more details). The written/typed project summary is mandatory for science fair participants.

Slideshow guidelines:

Students may make a Google Slides (strongly preferred format) or PowerPoint presentation (max. 8 slides) covering the same content as shown in the project board image below. Photos or brief movies of the project may be embedded in the slideshow. We recommend using the following Template (or Template 2) (use File →Make a Copy)

Posterboard display guidelines:

See the image below for an example layout. A trifold cardboard poster is ideal. The size of the display area should not be larger than 36″ high by 48″ wide. It should be folded vertically so that it stands up on a table. Trifold posters can be purchased on Amazon, at local office supply stores (Staples, Office Depot), craft stores (Michaels, Joann), Target, or Walgreens/CVS.

Whether a trifold posterboard or electronic slideshow format is used, each science fair project must include a write-up of the following:

  • The question or the problem
  • The student’s hypothesis
  • Description of experiment conducted, including materials and procedures
  • Results of experiment, including pictures and data
  • Conclusions, including what I learned/what I would do differently

Additionally, students should be able to explain their project and what the results mean, making sure to answer the 4 Big Questions below:

4 Big Questions

  • What are the main question(s) and hypothesis of your project?
  • How did you conduct the experiment?
  • What were the main results of your experiment?
  • What sparked your interest/curiosity in this project?

If a posterboard was used, students should take a single photo of the entire board in landscape format and upload this. Students will upload their Google slideshow or photo of their posterboard by Friday, February 4th, and all submitted projects will be organized for viewing at the virtual Science Fair between 6:00PM-8:00PM on Friday, February 11th.