Science Fair Display Information

Students are required to display a poster during the Science Fair. The display should show visitors what the experiment was and what the results mean. A tri-fold cardboard poster is ideal. The size of the display area should not be larger than 36″ high by 48″ wide. It should be folded vertically so that it stands up on a table. Trifold poster can be purchased on Amazon or at a local office supply store. Walgreens also sells some tri-fold boards.

Each display must include the following:

  • The question or the problem
  • The student’s hypothesis
  • Description of experiment conducted
  • Results of experiment.
  • What I learned/What I would do differently

The write up is mandatory and must be on some type of paper (cardboard, poster board, or regular paper). It may be handwritten or typed. Computers and tablets may not be used to show the write up. Objects/electronics used in performing the experiment may be brought in, but the experiment itself should NOT be performed during the fair.

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