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Hastings PTO Email List
The PTO will send messages regarding school and PTO events and meetings, meeting cancellations and postponements, and the Hastings Bulletin, distributed every Friday. PTO members will automatically receive these messages, as well as any non-members who confirmed their information for the school directory in the fall.

Optional Mailing Lists
Consider joining the mailing lists below to receive messages from the broader community.

  • Hastings Families Email List
    Receive and share community information about what’s going on around town such as sports and club sign-up information, via Google Groups. This group is for families of children attending Maria Hastings Elementary School.
  • Lexington Parents Email List
    Join a discussion group of Lexington parents, via Yahoo Groups.
  • LexFUN!
    Join the LexFUN! group to participate in social, educational, and recreational opportunities for families with young children (birth through age five).