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All families are pressed for time, but here at Hastings volunteer opportunities are varied—and well worth exploring for the mutual enrichment of our families and the entire school community. There truly is something for everyone, whether a one-time or occasional role, or an ongoing role with higher time commitment. Keep in mind that we need people who will give an hour of their time during one of our weeknight events just as much as we need people who will lead one of our year-long committees. Please take a moment to discover what’s going on at Hastings!

Please check off any boxes below that may be of interest to you: there is no obligation, and a volunteer coordinator will contact you with more information. This year we will not offer paper signup forms as in the past – so thank you for signing up online! To learn more about any of the below events/programs, please click here. Should you have any questions, feel free to email the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@hastings-pto.org.

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See www.hastingspta.org/board for committee and event descriptions.
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Our students are creative, energetic, funny, intelligent . . . and we know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Help us utilize the Hastings community’s assets and share your skills and talents!  Again, you are under no obligation:
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Please note: In order to keep our children safe and to help maximize the value of our participation for the teachers, anyone volunteering in a classroom needs to have a CORI (criminal record) check and to watch a training video. CORI forms are valid for 3 years, and the school office requires only your presence with your license as you fill out the CORI request form—it takes a matter of minutes. Learn more about requirements for volunteering.