Chinese American Assoc Lex (CAAL) Liaison

The purpose of this liaison role is to act as Hastings’ representative for the Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL). In 2015, we started 3 new liaison roles with the following organizations: Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL), Indian Americans of Lex (IAL) and Koreans of Lexington (KoLex). While each cultural organization has its own mission, the Hastings’ Liaison will work with the particular cultural group to promote more parental involvement in enriching Hastings’ students lives, to foster cultural diversity, and to bring new perspectives to local education and cultural issues in a welcoming and integrated Lexington.

Specifically, the Hastings CAAL liaison will be the bridge between the Chinese American Association of Lexington and Hastings PTO either through attending the educational focus meetings or through regular contacts with CAAL committee members. The liaison will keep the Hastings community informed of important educational issues raised by the Chinese American Association of Lexington. The liaison will also promote Hastings PTO events with the help of the CAAL organization.

For more information about the Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL), please visit their website.

Program Timeframe: Ongoing
Liaison: OPEN
Committee Email: