Multicultural Potluck

The Hastings Multicultural Potluck will be held this year on Wednesday, November 20th 6:15-8:15pm.

The Hastings Multicultural Potluck is an annual event where families, teachers and staff from the Hastings community gather together to enjoy delicious food from around the world, visit Cultural Activity Booths created by students/families, enjoy entertainment, and celebrate our school community’s rich diversity.

What should we bring?
We invite each family to bring a dish or dessert, serving 8-10, that represents your family or culture. All types of food welcome, pizza, take-out and macaroni and cheese included, but due to allergies at Hastings, please be sure that your dish does NOT contain any nuts, nut products, nut oils, etc or shellfish. Also, please note the Lexington Public School Policy: At any event outside the normal school day, the responsibility to monitor a student’s food intake rests with the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s). Thank you for your understanding. We would appreciate your bringing serving spoons as needed. A food label is also suggested. (See flyer for a printable label.)

Call for Cultural Activity Booths for Multicultural Potluck Night
We invite families to create a cultural booth representing your family’s culture or history or displaying a connection that you have to another culture or country. It’s wonderful when students work together to create some displays of their culture, and it’s fun when the booths include something interactive, for example: making a craft or playing a game related to their culture. To increase the fun and decrease the workload, families can be grouped together. Kids can also invite their friends to help them with their family’s booth- that way it’s fun and inclusive and everyone can participate.

Program Timeframe:  Fall, 2019

Committee Members: OPEN

Committee E-mail: