Multicultural Potluck

Multicultural Potluck “We Are Hastings”

We Are Hastings will be held this year on Thursday, April 29th ONLINE.

“We Are Hastings” will take place in a VIRTUAL format in 2021 — registration deadline is Thursday, April 15th, and the final video submission deadline is April 25th.

The Hastings Multicultural Potluck is typically a fun annual event where we all get to celebrate the diverse cultural background of the Hastings community.  Nothing has been typical this year, yet building community and understanding different cultures is as important as ever.  Our goal this year is to transition to a new inclusive event, “We Are Hastings”.  

While sharing foods and experiences on families’ backgrounds is wonderful, now is also the time to explore beyond personal backgrounds and celebrate all cultures.   

Call for Cultural Video Presentations for We Are Hastings

We invite Hastings families to create a video representing a culture of interest. Here are some example ideas:

  • Family history or connection to another culture or country.
  • A cultural review or demonstration of a family vacation or experience.
  • Vacations were all but canceled this year, but planning may not have stopped.  Showcase a location you may have missed this year or are planning for the future.
  • History or culture of a different state or region in the United States.
  • Any culture that may be of special interest to your children or family.  

Videos may include cooking demonstrations, music, dancing, art, traditions, descriptions of important people, places and events, teaching words or phrases in a different language, etc. 

Families and friends collaboration is welcome. 

Registration: Deadline is Thursday, April 15th

Click this link to sign up: 2021 “We Are Hastings” Registration

New virtual format for 2021: Each student, family or group will create a short video (max. 5 minutes) in which they share their cultural presentation in a video, slide show or compilation of their choosing. Students will upload their video to the Tribute platform by Sunday, April 25th, and the final video showcase will be available for viewing on Thursday, April 29th. This is not a competition, and participation in We Are Hastings is optional.  If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with Amy at

Instructions for uploading video presentations (deadline: April 25th)

Students should upload their completed video presentations (5 min. max) to the following Tribute links.

Tribute URL:

Password: WeAreHastings

2021 “We Are Hastings” Rules
  1. Current Hastings students grades K-5 and their family members may participate.
  2. Students must submit videos via provided links.
  1. NO dangerous materials, inappropriate language, or other dangerous activities should be used in the presentations. 
  1. The “We Are Hastings” Committee volunteers reserve the right to forbid and prevent the exhibition of any project that is unsafe or inappropriate.
  1. While whole families can be involved, parents should encourage student work and participation.
  2. All participating students must complete the online registration form to be included in the final video.

Program Timeframe:  Early Spring 2021

Committee Members: OPEN

Committee Email: