The Hastings Read-a-Thon has quickly become one of the most exciting weeks of the school calendar!  The Read-a-Thon typically celebrates reading, authors, and a lifelong love of books! It is a community effort to devote yourself to reading over a set period of time.  The Hastings Read-A-Thon challenges students to read for as many minutes as possible over the course of a week.  

We are SEEKING TWO VOLUNTEERS (Co-Chairs) who will plan out this exciting week. You will have the support of the Hastings Principal and Librarian, both of whom will be key to promoting the week long event during school hours. You will plan out reading goals, by grade or whole school goals. Together you will organize fun activities during the week such as an author visit (virtual or in-person) or in class bookmark making, the options are endless.  The week-long event is yours to shape.  You will be supported by the PTO Secretary who will assist you in any event logistics.  Your VP and PTO Co-Presidents are also there to support you

Program Timeframe: Year-round
Committee Chair: Jill Tierney and Aminat Alarape-Raji