School Committee Update, March 11 Meeting

On March 11 Dr. Ash presented the results of an enrollment study to the School Committee. The results have implications for the entire Town and Hastings in particular as we look to the renovation and of possible rebuilding of our space.  We encourage you to read through the packet of materials.

Two topics were primary on the agenda: a report from the working group on enrollment and recommended action to address the Fiske School overcrowding situation.  The presentation from the enrollment working group was quite thorough and suggested some unexpected causes for the recent surge in school enrollment.  The report is available online.

Dr. Ash presented several options to address Fiske School’s likely overcrowding next academic year.  He reported being in favor of the addition of part-time licensed teachers to overcrowded 5th grade classrooms (meaning two licensed teachers in the room for much of the day).  Co-presidents of Fiske PTO also presented results from a survey of the Fiske community.  The school committee will continue to consider this issue.  Also discussed at the meeting were the proposed zoning for medical marijuana dispensaries, which is on the town warrant, and the draft district goals for the next academic year.

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