CommUnity in Diversity

The purpose of this committee is to support projects relating to community building, respecting differences, and creating an atmosphere where Everyone Learns, Everyone Belongs.

In My House the School Year CommUnity theme

Goal: Find wonder, learning and perspective by understanding our differences.

In My House represents a chance to explore and appreciate the differences across our Hastings Community through multiple venues

Activities to support our Goal:

Student: reading 4th and 5th graders have related books in book bags

Book Clubs: Parent Child reading clubs- children can submit book reports for: Hastings publications, use in class or All School Meeting Review. Please read Nora Dooley books and consider cooking some recipes.

Bulletin Boards: Sentence starters to spread the idea and gather support across the school.

Potluck: We are asking parents to bring dishes that demonstrate cultural differences through food. For example: Rice dishes based on Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Creole or other cuisine and cultural differences. For further information please contact:

Program Timeframe: Ongoing
Committee Members: OPEN