SHAC Wellness Liaison

The purpose of this Committee is to act as Hastings’ representative for the town-wide School Health Advisory Committee meetings. Lexington’s School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) mission is to “provide a forum where school personnel, community representatives, parents and students can support and advocate for a comprehensive, coordinated, district-wide school wellness program.”

This council, which currently has 75 members, meets four times during the school year at Lexington High School on Monday evenings.  SHAC, which is chaired by Jennifer Wolfrum, assistant coordinator of PE/Wellness for Lexington Public Schools, is comprised of parents, educators and others who come together to discuss health and wellness and explore different proposals/actions to reduce stress and support well-being. In the last year, SHAC has formed subcommittees to focus in on particular dimensions such as “wellness policies,” “stress” and “substance abuse.”  The Hastings representatives attend the SHAC meetings and get involved in subcommittee work.

Hastings representatives to SHAC will share important updates and announcements on wellness program development as initiatives unfold throughout the year.

For more information (including SHAC meeting dates for the 2015-16 year), visit the SHAC web site or contact

Program Timeframe: Ongoing/year-round
Committee Members/SHAC Liaisons: OPEN
Committee Email: