Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week in May, and Teacher Appreciate Day falls on the Tuesday of that week.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week:

  • Decorate the classroom door
  • Have all the children bring a flower and fill a vase
  • Make cards for the teacher. You could include prompts such as: “I love Teacher X because…”, “I love my grade because…”, “Teacher X has taught me…”, etc.
  • Poster with words describing teacher (get the words from the kids)
  • Collect pages from kids describing what they like best about their teacher (send pages out the week before) and make a laminated book. (Take to Kinkos, for instance.)
  • Buy light colored pot and use indelible markers for the kids to sign the pot before putting in a plant.
  • Make a poster with the words “Teacher X, We’re Stuck on You Because” and collect quotes from the kids (via email) that you put on post-it notes and attach to the poster.
  • Make an acrostic poem. Take the letters of Teacher X and send parents an email giving each child a letter and asking that they get a word or phrase from the child that starts that letter. (Pia might get E and say “excellent” or “energetic” and Ben might get T and say “Teaches fun things” or “Takes time to explain”). Parents email you the words. Use the words to create the poem: “T is Terrific and Teaches fun things” “E is Excellent and Energetic”, etc. Print the poem on nice paper and put it in a frame.

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