School Committee Meeting – October 28, 2014

Superintendent selection committee reviewed K-12 capacity issues.

Short term options considered:

  • 3yr lease Modulars- some preferred this
  • Redistrict from Fiske to Estabrook: preferred by superintendent
  • Increase class sizes add teacher’s aids
  • Not favored options: Music, Gym, art rooms shared w/ classes

Long term:

  • Hastings: New build or renovate
  • Permanent Building Wing: modular/ brick & mortar
  • New Pre-K location
  • New LHS
  • Redistricting
  • Space Mining – Look for under-utilized spaces & re-purpose
  • School Committee Policies First Review (read aloud) Public comment invited for Second Review
  • PolicyJIC: Student Discipline
  • Policy JII: Student Complaints and Grievances
  • Policy JK: Student Conduct

Agenda and details of policies found here.

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