School Committee Update, March 26 Meeting

School Committee Update, March 26 Meeting

April 29th — School Committee will vote on what to do about Fiske overcrowding. Modulars vs Redistricting vs new building.

Enrollment Working Group met last week (3/27) with Dr Ash to work on Master Plan

School Committee Reorganization:

  • Margaret Coppe re-elected as Chair of SC
  • Vice Chair position eliminated

Discussion of Holiday Recognition for 2015-16

  • Current days off: 10 Federal, 3 religious (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur & Good Friday)
  • Suggestion by SC: construct a survey for parents and teachers about holidays, and look up low attendance days in the past.
  • Recommendation from Dr Ash: use 180 days with highest attendance and to stick to a secular calendar vs religious.
  • Community members spoke in support of Jewish holidays, Chinese holidays and eliminating all religious holidays.
  • This topic will be discussed more in the future.

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