Science Fair Rules

  1. Current Hastings students in grades K-5 may participate.
  2. Students may participate individually or in groups. Each group may have up to 4 students. Each team member must complete his/her own registration form because parent approval is required for each student and for science fair medal distribution.
  3. No dangerous chemicals or materials should be used in the projects. Absolutely no poisonous chemicals, heaters, flames, high voltages, or hazardous materials will be allowed in the displays at the Science Fair. Remember that children of all ages will be visiting the displays and will be interested in the projects.
  4. No messy displays or demonstrations are allowed during the live event.
  5. The Science Fair Committee volunteers reserve the right to prohibit the exhibition of any display that is unsafe or inappropriate.
  6. Parent involvement should be limited. Parents may provide suggestions and guidance, but the students should perform the work.
  7. An adult MUST accompany each participant or team at the Science Fair during the entire duration of the exhibit. This is not a drop-off event

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